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E.D. Wynn

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I started writing at a very early age. When most kids were playing outside, I was quietly nestled inside my room with pen and paper.

As David Alderman once said

"When putting pen to paper I write not of how things are...but in my heart of I wish they were"


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Being a writer has its perks, especially the sense of pride that swells inside when I see someone reading a book of mine. Below are a few of my most recently published books for you to browse. Please feel free to get in touch and share your comments or questions, I’d be more than happy to hear from you and help out.

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LullaBayou-by E.D. Wynn

Released April 22, 2018

Life was simple living in the heart of the bayou, but Arlene Fontenot dreamed of more. If she had known that more meant living a nightmare she would have never left her peaceful little town with the savvy good looking businessman. Theodore Allen Miller seemed like a man straight from a fairy tale, but once they were married he showed her just what kind of man he really was. It seemed like things couldn't get any worse, until she met the rugged mysterious cowboy next door. Handsome was an understatement when it came to Joshua Scott, but the moment he flashed her those charming sexy dimples, she was doomed, and now with a murderer on the loose her and  her daughter's life hanging in the balance she must make a choice. Stay in the hellish safety of her marriage or risk their lives and trust the stranger that could very well be her undoing

Soul Eater- By E.D. Wynn

Soul Eater

Coming Fall of 2018

Darkness, death, and torture was all that Donovan craved, its what he lived for. What better place for a demon to feed his addiction than in the center of a crime ridden city full of forgotten dope fiends and ruthless monsters, that made him look tame in comparison. With an endless supply of souls to gorge on, Donavon's strength knew no bounds, as he prepared himself for the battle that was to come. As a demon he took what he wanted, so when his path crossed an innocent pretty female he didn't hesitate to take her in every way that he desired. It wasn't until he decided to let her go that he realized just how powerless he was

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He kneeled next to me and wiped the tears from my cheeks. "Baby Doll why do you always make me do these things to you?"


by E.D. Wynn


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